For me, spiritual direction at its core is simply stopping, sitting, breathing, and listening with patience. It is a practice that allows one to feel safe, and heard, witnessed and loved. It is being present to Spirit, God, Holiness, Sacredness, Divinity, Home, Harmony, Peace, Mother, Father, LOVE, Consciousness, whatever name or names resonate for you and allow you to connect to this “Something-Someone,” that is ineffable…far beyond our understanding as humans but well within our ability to KNOW and trust. There is a Presence many of us feel or long to feel. I often think of this BEINGNESS as the still small voice within, that is waiting patiently for you, for me to enter the gateway of our own hearts in order to discover whatever it is that we need to recognize within our own essence.

A spiritual director is a guide who will assist you in settling into your body so that you can do just that: listen and pay attention to what you already know deep within your own soul. Ultimately, the answers, or at times questions that arise, will serve to heal a broken piece of your heart or wake up something within you at just the right moment in your life. Perhaps for you the experience will be a subtle feeling or instead a strong knowing; bringing clarity to something you have been struggling with that was hazy before. Your spiritual direction sessions will be unique to your soul’s journey. These kinds of awakenings happen more easily when you allow yourself to stop doing so you can simply be. It is not a Spiritual Directors task to give you advice, but instead to create a healing “space within time” in which you can slow down enough to discern what it is that your spirit is yearning for, by accessing the Divine wisdom that dwells within you.

I am a lay-person with years of practice in the art of sacred listening. I have been personally blessed by each of my mentors, Rabbi Nancy Flam, Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg, Rabbi Myriam Klotz and Janice Lynne Lundy, all highly qualified and well-respected Spiritual Directors themselves, to sit in holy Presence with you. Each agrees that I have already been doing this work for quite some time and that I am more than ready to “take the seat” of spiritual guide professionally, and sit with you contemplatively. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, teacher of visual art as a spiritual practice, yoga and meditation, a SoulCollage® facilitator and Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coach. I have lived a lifetime of spiritual devotion through the practices of prayer, meditation, yoga, seeing the world through eyes of wonder and creating visual, musical and written works of art. I am a person who understands suffering, longing, loss and gratitude because of my own physical and emotional experiences due to chronic illness. I am a human being who has felt a clear Divine calling to do this work.

 It would be my honor to serve you, by being a witness, a mirror, reflecting back to you whatever arises while we sit together in soulful companionship. There may be times when nothing new “happens,” and it is important to know this and accept that this too is part of the process. Sometimes simply abiding in silent, soulful companionship is enough. Befriending silence can be a powerful way to draw nearer to your own sacred center.  One of my favorite mantras that I repeat to myself when I am feeling overwhelmed by sadness, anger, joy, anxiety, longing, you name the feeling, is to say to myself: “ALL IS WELCOME.” And I believe that these words are a fine entryway into the spirit-gate of your heart, offering a message back to your soul that you are indeed ready and willing to be present to Presence.

I invite you to contact me for your first half-hour session, which is free  simply to find out if we are a good fit, and if you feel safe and comfortable sharing sacred time with me. I offer my service to seekers of all faith traditions as well as those who do not follow a particular religious path, but do indeed feel a pull to connect with Divine Spirit at this time. If you decide to continue guidance with me, a typical session is an hour long, either by phone through my account or via Skype.

email me: to schedule our first meeting. I am looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Investment: $36-$60 (*Note about sliding fees: I feel that in order to be available to more individuals, it is important for you decide what is affordable at this time in your life within this $ continuum.)


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