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    Namaste: I honor the Light in YOU!

Welcome to Shine the DivineTM. Here you will find a variety of services all with the intention of assisting you in increasing joy and contentment in your life as you learn to more fully reveal your unique inner light and connect with the Divine essence that dwells within you.

It is my whole-hearted belief that:


-paying attention to the habits that inhibit our light from shining

sacred listening

-trusting our own intuition

clear vision

-seeing where in our lives we are on the right path and celebrating this

…allows us to live in wholeness: body, mind, heart and soul.

By stepping back and taking on the role of witness to our own unfolding, we begin to understand exactly what is preventing us from revealing our brightest potential. This is a wide-angle view of our lives. Once we can see the big picture it is important to take a step closer for a macroscopic look as we begin the process of unraveling the threads from the tales we have repeated to ourselves over the years. These warp and weft yarns tend to create a dense story-cloth that many of us wrap around ourselves to “stay safe”. While this protective apparel may be beautifully embellished and quite comfortable some days, our cloak of personal history can feel like a very heavy burden at other times. This does not mean we cast aside our old story, as something of no value; indeed all of the colorful intricacies that have formed and informed our life’s tapestry are holy aspects of our wholeness. The dark, textured yarns are necessary for emphasizing the smooth, light ones, and vice versa. However, if we learn to loosen the threads, tease them apart a bit to make space between them (allowing our light, Spirit’s Light to shine through), it is possible to begin the process of re-creating a more open, gossamer fabric in which we can move and breathe and free ourselves from old patterns that no longer serve us. In truth, we never stop growing, so how could the garment we created long ago still fit us now?

I believe it is also imperative to take a microscopic look at the tiny blessings that fill the minutes and hours of our days. This is an active choice, an opportunity to cultivate gratitude, expanding our appreciation for everyone around us and ourSelves too. Gratitude is a natural path to joy, peace and equanimity. It is a silvery thread, beaded with pearls of kindness that we can embroider into our new breezy story-shawl, to bring us lasting comfort, adorn us with beauty and protect us, without concealing our ever-present Divine light.

In addition to Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coaching, I am now offering Spiritual Direction, & Lev b’Lev SoulCollage® Guidance. It would be my honor to be a compassionate presence and mentor as you recall what you knew as a young child, even if you didn’t have the vocabulary to describe it back then; curiosity, focused attention, and playful discovery will naturally awaken you to your own sacredness. In this way you will remember how to Shine the DivineTM  as you were born to do.

                                     gentle steps,